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Commercial Grease Arrestors / Traps

Grease arrestors are engineered to collect solid and greasy waste from commercial kitchens to prevent waste entering the sewer system. As per your local council and trade waste licence, all grease arrestors are required to be pumped out on a regular basis ranging from once a month to every 6 (six) months, this is depending on the size of grease arrestor, type of waste entering the trap and the working capacity of the kitchen. Grease arrestors sizes can vary from 250 to 5,000 litres.

Suttons offer regular services which involves pumping and hosing out of the arrestor on a set frequency, reporting to DERM (Department of Environmental Resource Management) and the Local Council that the pump out has been completed. The waste is then taken to a DERM approved facility where it is biologically treated and composted. These services are carried out in the early hours of the morning before your premises opens, avoiding any interruption to your kitchen.

If you require further information on grease arrestors please contact us or your local council Trade Waste Officer.

Porta Loo Service

A Porta loo is a singular portable toilet usually available at building sites which can be sourced from various hire companies. Suttons offers a regular or “once only” service on Porta Loos which involves pumping out of the waste, replacing the digester or hygiene odour satchel, toilet paper, water and a light clean.

Demountable Toilet Blocks

A Demountable Toilet Blocks is a portable building containing numerous toilets and a holding tank underneath to collect the waste. They are usually available at large building sites, fates or festivals. Suttons offers a regular or “once only” service to pump out the holding tank.

Plate Seperator / Wash Down Pits / Silt Traps / Oily Water

Oily Water, Wash Down Pits and Silt Traps are various names for a Plate Separator Pump Tank. Plate Seperator Pump Tanks are designed for Mechanical Workshops and Service Stations to collect the wash down water from floors and drains workshops and motor part wash down areas thus preventing the oily greasy waste entering the sewer system.

Oils, silt & grease go through the drains into Pump Tank that disperse the waste and water into a Plate Separator where the waste is separated; the clean water is pumped into sewer system and the oily waste is stored in a Plate Separator Tank. This oily waste needs to be pumped out on a regular basis to ensure your Plate Separator runs optimum, prevent overflows, blockages and oily waste overflowing into the sewer system.

Sutton’s offers a service whereby we pump and clean the Plate Separator Pump Tank and transport the waste to a DERM (Department of Environmental Resource Management) approved disposal facility where it is treated. To comply with your license we supply you with DERM Waste Transport Certificate stating we transported your waste to an approved disposal facility.
Plate Separator also require servicing from a qualified plumber; If you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact Suttons Cleaning Service or your qualified plumber.

Storm Water Pump Tank

Storm water pump tanks are found in basements of buildings and car parks, they are engineered to collect water and rubbish washed down from rain and cleaning to help prevent basements from flooding. Once rubbish, silt and dirt is collected into the Tanks the excess water pumped to the sewer system and the waste is stored in a tank. Thus these tanks need pumping out approximately once a year to help prevent an overflow of rubbish and silt, flooding, pump break downs and silt and rubbish making its way into the sewer system.

Suttons has a specially designed small truck called Blow Fly that can go under car parks & buildings to pump and clean the tanks efficiently.

Gross Pollutant Traps

Gross Pollutant Traps are located in car parks; they are intended to catch all the rubbish, sand & silt from the car park and preventing the waste making its way into waterways and wetlands. Over time silt and rubbish build up requiring the tanks to be pumped out to help prevent flooding, pump break downs and an overflow of waste and rubbish.

Suttons pumps and clean Gross Pollutant Traps with a special designed truck called the Super Sucker, this truck is proficient at pumping up sand and silt sludge waste with easy.

Semi Solid, Liquid and Dry Waste

Suttons has the ability to remove and dispose of various types of different waste with a variety of specialised equipment and access to multiple DERM (Department of Environmental Resource Management) approved disposal facilities. Our Tipper Truck & Trailer and Skid Steer Loader is designed with sealed tippers and a cover to transport semi solid and solid contaminated waste or soils. We are licensed to carry various wastes such as Bio Solids and soil polluted with fuel, chemicals, solvents and old cattle dip run off with arsenic.

For more sludgy contaminated liquefied waste, our Super Sucker is the truck for the job, with its unique twin pumping system it is able to pump various types of waste.

All waste is taken to DERM approved disposal facilities where the waste is recycled or treated. At completion of all regulated waste removal we will supply you with a DERM Waste Transport Certificate stating the waste has been transported and disposed of correctly.

If you have any other unique waste to remove please contact us to see how we may be able to accommodate your needs.

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