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Pump Tanks are alternative system installed after the septic tank as a result of unsuitable soil, pore drainage or a difficult land layout for typical trenches / drainfield.  The purpose of the pump tank is to collect all the wastewater from the septic tank and disperse it to Trenches / Drainfield or a Domestic Holding Tank further a field.    

The components of a typical pump tank include a small buried tank made of concrete, fibre glass, or polyethylene with a submersible pump inside located close to the septic tank.  The pump typically will have an automatic float switch; once the wastewater level reaches a specific height the pump will pump and disperse the wastewater into a drainfield or Holding Tank.         

They also need frequent cleaning as they build up with lint and sludge that can affect the life and the reliability of the pump.  Factors influencing the frequency of pumping; the number of people in your household, the amount of waste water generated and the efficiency and service frequency of the septic tank. A typical pump tank should be cleaned / pumped out annually. For pump information please contact the pump manufacture or a qualified pump technician.       

Things to inspect frequently to ensure your system is running to is full potential; the septic tank is working to it full potential as per Household Septic Tanks, there is minimal sludge residue on the bottom of the tank and no sludge near the pump and the wastewater is being dispersed away efficiently.


* Please note this information is provided as a general guide.  If you require any further information we recommend you contact us or a qualified plumber.

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